Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Savage Year

If you didn't already know I'm finally 21!!!!
My birthday was this past Sunday, April 1st, and on Saturday March 24 I took these pictures to commemorate my 21st birthday. I had my pictures taken by @exclusive.imagess. If y'all don't already know I love an all black color scheme and chose that to be the theme for my photoshoot, dressing in all black and having black props.  I got these balloons off of Amazon and the photographer picked up all of the other props himself. For my outfit I chose to wear this dress from Fashion Nova that I bought forever ago but never actually wore. This dress is called the "Main Attraction dress". I paired this dress with my clear black heels from Forever 21 and some simple pearl studs as my only jewelry since the dress was already so embellished. Y'all don't drag me for my eye makeup. It's kind of a mess since I tried something new and it didn't really work out. Other than my makeup I'm really happy with how my photos turned out! This was probably my first time I've done a more professional photoshoot and it was a really fun experience.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Upbra Cleavage Enhancing Bras

I got a chance to try out these cleavage enhancing bras by the brand Upbra. This brand handmakes their bras in Califrnia. Upbra has worked to achieve the perfect adjustable lift-up and cleavage bra. After trying these bras I would definitely recommend them to everyone. I received Upbra's strapless bras in black and nude. The bras also came with a thank you know and instructions on how to make sure these bras give you the best comfort and lift. I've never experienced this kind of lift from a strapless bra before, so I loved that. Upbra bras also feature adjustable straps inside the cup as well to provide even more of a push up. Upbra expands beyond strapless bras by also providing a swim line and t-shirt bras. They have even started producing their popular strapless bras in a wider variety of stylish colors. Check out Upbra and all of their amazing products here.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Birthday Slay

On the night of my 20th Birthday I hosted a get together in my apartment. My friends got me those big number balloons that every girl takes pictures with for her birthday which I was excited about since they are the perfect photo prop. I also decorated part of the wall in my apartment as a photo back drop. My outfit for the night consisted of the Kim Choker from Fashion Nova,  the Don't Go There Dress also from Fashion Nova, and the Ariana Heels from Ego. The night was a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what I'm gonna do for my 21st.

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's Eve Photoshoot

Before I had come back home from school, an old high school classmate had reached out to me about doing a photoshoot since she has just started doing photography and she knew about my blog. I was excited to take photos, so I agreed and we met up early Friday morning at the park near my house. The photos may not show it but it was freezing outside and i thought I was gonna get frostbite. On top of that my left eye was running the whole time, but it was honestly worth it. My classmate had decided that we should do a New Year's Eve theme for the photo shoot, which explains the glitter and confetti. I put together the best NYE outfit that I could from what I had in my closet. New Year's Eve is a very festive occasion so a lot of the time people where clothes made of very flashy material, like my gold metallic shirt. I layered my shirt with a brown fur vest, since another common thing people wear on NYE is fur. I wore a black body con skirt from Charlotte Russe and my black thigh high boots from Ego. For accessories I paired gold dangly earring to match my shirt and a black velvet choker to match my skirt and boots. For my makeup I went for a very neutral look consisting of gold and brown tones. I'm used to taking my own pictures with my tripod so this was nice to take a bunch of different type of pictures in different spots around the park. This made me want to do photoshoots more often!